I am lucky to spend my days creating in the kitchen and then sharing my fascinating food-filled life with you! I truly believe that every meal is a celebration and hope the delight of creating spectacular offerings for family and friends is contagious. I love all things food and wine and am excited to share experiences with you. I hope this site offers information and a venue so we might learn together: from classic style to fun trends. I invite you to visit me, book a special event, or look to this site as a place to see some of my favorite products and recipes which you might like.



Frederic Pierrel


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Header Diners rave about their dining experiences:

Lakefront at Tamarack Lodge is the first place we take our discerning clientele. It exudes ambience, charm and amazing cuisine set in a forested view of twin lake waterfall and lakes. For years and years we have had the utmost in confidence that Frederic and his staff will deliver amazing meals for all occasions. He has never once failed us. Each and every visit brings another special memory. Our company brings visitors from all walks of life in the greater Los Angeles/San Diego/Orange County areas where nice restaurants abound. We have yet to find anyone who doesn’t think Lakefront rivals the best of the breed.

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