I am lucky to spend my days creating in the kitchen and then sharing my fascinating food-filled life with you! I truly believe that every meal is a celebration and hope the delight of creating spectacular offerings for family and friends is contagious. I love all things food and wine and am excited to share experiences with you. I hope this site offers information and a venue so we might learn together: from classic style to fun trends. I invite you to visit me, book a special event, or look to this site as a place to see some of my favorite products and recipes which you might like.



Frederic Pierrel


terroir philosophyOften called "MacGyver in the Kitchen", Frederic Pierrel knew he would be a chef from childhood. The sights, smells, and social atmosphere of the open markets draw Frederic in. He learned of the terroir philosophy from his father; meaning "of the earth" and as translated: to enjoy the food of a region and use what is fresh and in the moment. Creativity comes easily when the food is the star and flavors are in full bloom.

This philosophy is also one which has sometimes been lost in a world of wholesale quantities, processed foods and bustling lifestyles. Fred takes it as a personal challenge to engage people in the idea that it is healthier and less expensive – not to mention tastier – to eat fresh foods. He will discuss the merits of root vegetables, the ease to prepare them and the cost savings for foods which are not over packaged in order to last for years on a shelf. He believes in moderation vs. manmade sugar replacement products and the like.

Watch Fred as he discusses what he believes are the keys to a successful restaurant experience.

If you want to find Fred on any given early summer day, he will be foraging in the nearby woods looking for the elusive Cepe – a wild mushroom that grows only for 1-2 months in the wetlands of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Later, he will be sharing them with other local chefs and creating dishes with them. Mushroom tart anyone?

Finally, food is sustenance and we must take in the best of nutrition and tastes into our body in amounts we need to sustain our health and energy. When prepared with love and creative flair, shared with family and friends over a glass of wine and hearty conversation… well that is the meaning of life, isn’t it? A social and comforting place to feel warm and secure and fulfilled.

Bon Appétit!

Header Diners rave about their dining experiences:

Amazing culinary experience!! We have dined in some of Europe’s finest restaurants and consider the food at Lakefront to be among the best. If you have the chance to taste Chef Frederic’s artistry, I’m sure it will be a memorable one. His passion and commitment to outstanding food is a rare gem these days. We dine at Lakefront each time we visit Mammoth.

Daniela & Christopher

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