I am lucky to spend my days creating in the kitchen and then sharing my fascinating food-filled life with you! I truly believe that every meal is a celebration and hope the delight of creating spectacular offerings for family and friends is contagious. I love all things food and wine and am excited to share experiences with you. I hope this site offers information and a venue so we might learn together: from classic style to fun trends. I invite you to visit me, book a special event, or look to this site as a place to see some of my favorite products and recipes which you might like.



Frederic Pierrel

About Chef Frederic

Fred was born in the Alsace region of France, known for Munster cheese, quiche and pate’ Lorraine, and hearty Rieslings. Classically trained in Gerardmer, France, Chef Frederic Pierrel graduated with honors from Lycée Hôtelier et Culinairer. He returns on occasion to speak to the new classes and share an aperitif with the general manager and team.

Chef Frederic Pierrel

He has worked in 3 countries around the globe, gathering local tastes and learning traditions along the way. He is practiced in all things culinary and strives to stay creative and relevant. Often, if he is dining out, you will find him in the kitchen, making friends with the chef and staff, and sharing information – whether it is a traditional Chinese restaurant in Beijing, a small take-out place in the desert, a home-style patio in Mexico, or a Tahitian bistro, he is truly passionate about his profession and lifestyle.

Fred is a self taught expert of mushrooms and hunts for them seasonally at every chance. He engages with professionals and the culinary curious alike to share information and creative evenings at home just playing in the kitchen with other chefs of all backgrounds and experience. His enjoyment of friends and food shared at a table are apparent.

Professional Affiliations:
The James Beard Foundation; Professional Member

Header Diners rave about their dining experiences:

Over the years we make it a tradition on our trips to have one night where we try to find excellent food in a comfortable atmosphere with a good bottle of wine. You would be surprised at how difficult this is to find. My wife and I were treated to a perfect dining experience at The Lakefront Restaurant. The atmosphere allows you to enjoy the obviously world class meals slowly. Having over 100 bottles of wine in our wine cellar, we were surprised at the favorite wines of ours that were on the wine list.

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